Are you ready to take your Celebrant business to the next AWESOME level?

If it's a 'hell yes,' then read on...

IT'S TIME to banish the indecision and overwhelm as a Wedding Celebrant. The frustration and procrastination. The comparison to others and the negative mindset. All of which are stopping you from fully carrying out your celebrant mission.

IT'S TIME to get on track, give yourself some direction and to stop free-falling. To get your celebrant business running as it should be, with ease and grace. Not hair-pulling and chaos.

IT'S TIME to say goodbye to your lack of confidence when it comes to putting yourself out there and marketing to couples.

IT'S TIME to find YOUR celebrant voice and to use it in the way that's right for you and right for your business.

NOW IS THE TIME to take your celebrant confidence up a level, to be fully aligned with who you are as a celebrant and start running your business in a smart and professional way that complements and suits you, and only you!

This live six week course for wedding Celebrants hosted and led by Celebrants Collective founder and Wedding Celebrant, Natasha Johnson, will take your confidence as a Wedding Celebrant and business owner to the next level.

You will learn how to be fully aligned with who you are as a Celebrant, before mastering how you want to move your business forward.

Not only will this course give you the tools and the confidence needed to be the best version of your Celebrant self, but most importantly, it will give you the right mindset to help your Wedding Celebrant business grow, flourish and prosper. Giving you a business and an income that you're proud of, and happy with.

When you are 100% confident and 100% aligned with yourself as a celebrant you will:

Market yourself with confidence

Sell your celebrant self with confidence

Attract your ideal clients with confidence

Handle booking enquiries with confidence

Price your services with confidence

Ask and receive money with confidence

Learn how to say 'yes' with confidence

Learn how to say 'no' with confidence

Make decisions with confidence

Lead your ceremonies with confidence

Conduct your business and work relationships with couples confidently

And all done with purpose and passion.

Is this course for you?

I only want Celebrants to join this course who truly need and want my help. And so if you can nod your head to one or more of the following then this course is for you.

  • This course is for you if you have your Celebrant diploma or your training certificate to hand, or a number of ceremonies under your belt but you don’t quite have the confidence or self-belief to move you forward with purpose.

  • This course is for you if in theory you have the tools and skills and ought to know what it is that you need to be doing as a Celebrant, but you don’t have the full confidence to help you execute what you know.

  • This course is for you if you’ve been a Wedding Celebrant for a few years now, and you’ve been doing everything and anything to move your business forward, but you’re not where you want to be or sure of how to get there.

  • This course is for you if you’ve never done any Celebrant training before but you are already working as a Celebrant or Officiant but want some guidance and reassurance with how you work and what you do.

  • This course is for you if you are completely OVERWHELMED with what direction you want to go in, and how to do what's best for your Celebrant business and practice.

Course Curriculum - Starting on Monday 28th October, 2019

Along with 9 hours of live teaching over six weeks, this is the online portion of the course, available each week via your course account, for you to progress through at your own pace.

  • 1


    • Welcome to the course
    • How to use this course software
    • Before we begin...
    • Live Course welcome call and Q&A
  • 2

    WEEK 1: Establishing and aligning your celebrant self

    • TOPIC OVERVIEW: Establishing and aligning your celebrant self
    • Lesson one: What is your why? Why are you a celebrant?
    • Lesson Two: Your strengths and weaknesses
    • Lesson Three: Your unique selling point
    • Lesson Four: Your business look, message and vision
    • Lesson Five: Attracting the people you want to work with
    • Worksheet: Establishing and aligning yourself as a celebrant
    • Other useful resources
    • Live course call and Q&A session
  • 3

    WEEK 2: Putting yourself out there

    • TOPIC OVERVIEW: Putting yourself out there
    • Lesson one: Pricing your services
    • Lesson two: Getting your website right
    • Lesson three: Blogging for your business
    • Lesson four: Putting yourself out there on social media
    • Lesson five: putting yourself out there to your wedding community (on and offline)
    • Worksheet: Putting yourself out there
    • Other useful resources
    • Live course call and Q&A session
  • 4

    WEEK 3: Owning and smashing your sales process

    • TOPIC OVERVIEW: Owning and smashing your sales enquiry
    • Lesson one: Encouraging the enquiry
    • Lesson two: Streamlining your enquiry process
    • Lesson three: The ACE principle
    • Lesson Four: Closing the deal
    • Lesson Five: Getting feedback and reviews and using them to your advantage
    • Worksheet: Owning and Smashing your sales process
    • Other resources
    • Live coaching call
  • 5

    WEEK 4: Creating ceremony in your own way

    • TOPIC OVERVIEW: Creating Ceremony in your own way
    • Lesson One: communicating with couples
    • Lesson Two: planning and creating ceremonies
    • Lesson Three: Leading, controlling and managing your wedding ceremonies
    • Worksheet: Creating ceremony in your own way
    • Resources and further reading
    • Live coaching call
  • 6

    WEEK 5: Channeling your confidence, self belief and resilience

    • Lesson one: setting your own course for success
    • Lesson two: stepping into your confident zone
    • Lesson three: building up resilience
    • Worksheet: Channelling your confidence, self belief and resilience
    • Resources and further reading
    • Live coaching call
  • 7

    WEEK 6: Taking your celebrant business to the next level

    • COURSE SUMMARY: Taking your celebrant business to the next level
    • COURSE END NOTE: Taking your celebrant business to the next level
    • Before you go...
    • Live coaching call 1
    • Live coaching call 2

Bonus Offerings

Along with your six week live course, you'll also receive these bonuses.

  • Celebrants Collective Membership

    Signing up for the course includes one year's membership to the Celebrants Collective where you'll be able to continue your professional development as a Celebrant in an supportive educational environment.

  • 25% discount off Engaged & Ready Directory Listing

    Promote your wedding business on the Celebrant and Officiant directory of the award-winning wedding blog, Engaged and Ready, and get 25% of discount on any listing package.

Do you want to be this celebrant?

Do you want to be a confident and aligned Wedding Celebrant? 

Who knows who your wedding clients are and knows how to speak to them and attract them. 

A Celebrant who handles and converts wedding enquiries with confidence and ease. 

Who runs their business in their own efficient and professional manner.

A Celebrant who exudes confidence and passion but embraces self-care, balance and mental well-being.

A Celebrant who delivers a first class client experience and first class ceremonies for all couples in your own unique way, at your own pace, in your own style.

This can be you. Start your transformation today.

What this course is

  • This live course allows you to spend six weeks building up your confidence as a celebrant as you navigate all areas of celebrant business and creating ceremony. From perfecting you sales and marketing process to finalizing your relationship with your couples.

  • This is a course for wedding Celebrants to feel fully aligned and confident whilst working within their local and wider wedding industry.

  • This course will allow you to consolidate what you already know, with what you don’t yet know, and will streamline and align your skills, abilities and new Celebrant attitude into one.

What this course isn't

  • It’s not a miracle course. You will not magically become the most successful Celebrant ever or overnight but you will have the confidence and the mindset to point you in the direction that is right for you.

  • Is not a ‘how to’ course. It won’t take you through the minutiae of how to use Social media, how to blog, how to write ceremonies (you’ll have access to how to's vía your Celebrants Collective membership). This course is about figuring out who you are as a Celebrant and how you’ll apply that to the different areas of your business and practice.

  • It's not a 'one size fits' all course. In the same way that all wedding couples are different and unique, so are we Celebrants. Every Celebrant has their own path and their own way of doing something, which is how this course is designed.

Your course leader

Natasha Johnson

Natasha Johnson

Natasha is the founder and co-director of the Celebrants Collective, one of the first online membership communities of its kind which brings together celebrants from around the world in a collective spirit of education, connection and inspiration.

The Collective’s ethos is to help celebrants to be the best that they can be and with sessions led by industry experts, access to learning materials and resources, workshops and celebrant events, and a supportive community, celebrants can truly fulfil their potential.

As an avid writer, Natasha is also the creator of the award-winning wedding blog Engaged and Ready, one of few wedding blogs to focus solely on wedding ceremonies and championing the amazing work of celebrants and officiants. The blog now attracts over 6k monthly visitors and Natasha is regularly asked to contribute to other mainstream wedding blogs, podcasts and publications. She's also a sought-after wedding conference and summit speaker, too.

Celebrating her 13th year as an Independent Wedding Celebrant having served over seven hundred couples, she now manages a small team of wedding celebrants from her base in Malaga, Spain. A week doesn’t go by where she isn’t writing about weddings, talking about weddings or being present at weddings. It’s safe to say that weddings and celebrancy are a huge part of her life.

Natasha is also the host of the Celebrant Survival Podcast, a Wedding Industry Award judge for the celebrants category and a passionate and proud member of the wider global celebrant community. She loves nothing more than seeing celebrants growing, thriving and doing what they do best.

From those who've learnt with Natasha

Tara Gilvar, CEO Believe, Inspire, Grow

Tara Gilvar, CEO Believe, Inspire, Grow

“Natasha’s passion for teaching what she knows is so evident and so inspiring. She shared her knowledge with our members with great enthusiasm, generosity, flair and clarity and left many of them raring to make changes to their business practices, which many of them did indeed do. We throughly enjoyed our session with her.”
Ali Meehan, Costa Women

Ali Meehan, Costa Women

"We have had Natasha talk at a couple of our business networking events. She communicates in a clear, concise and fun way. Natasha uses the knowledge and information she has learnt over many years to bring the topics to life. She shares useful skills and ideas which can be used in any business setting."
Heather Sadler. Director, Fiestasol Weddings

Heather Sadler. Director, Fiestasol Weddings

"After spending a day with Natasha for a private consultancy session, I came away genuinely enlightened. Natasha's knowledge base is extremely impressive. I enjoyed the session so much that I immediately booked her for another bonus session the following month as I wanted to learn even more!”

What will it cost you?

Email us if you're interested in paying on a three or four month payment plan.

Are you ready to take your Celebrant business to the next level?

Of course you are! Let's do this!



  • How does this course work?

    This six-week course is a combination of live weekly training with Natasha and Q&A sessions, and recorded video tutorials and worksheets which are available in your course account. Once you sign up, you will have access to the weekly schedule and topics.

  • Who can take this course?

    This course is for anyone who has trained or already working as a Wedding Celebrant. From new Wedding Celebrants to those with a bit more experience. This course is not for people wishing to train as Wedding Celebrants for the first time.

  • What happens if I can't make one or some of the live sessions?

    All live sessions will be recorded and made available for you to catch up with at your leisure.

  • Do I have to finish the whole course in six weeks?

    No! The weekly topics and live sessions will be covered over a six week period, however you will have lifetime access to your account where you can refer back to the different topics and related information.

  • What are the course start and end dates?

    The course will start in the week beginning Monday 28th October and finish in the week of Monday 2nd December, 2019.

  • Can I ask you some more questions prior to booking?

    Of course. Just email at, with any more questions.